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Thriving School

At Last!  Affordable, high quality support to ensure you can live your best life - without stress

  • Ditch your stress and create a life filled with peace & Joy
  • Get the level of support you crave for - and deserve!
  • Cope with anything easily
  • Build your resilience and inner strength


Tracey Stevenson

“I love being part of the Thriving School, such a supportive group.  I feel so much happier, calmer and confident.  John has helped me not just cope with difficult issues in my life but shown me how to thrive”

In The Thriving School, You'll Discover:

How to live without stress

Use the amazing guided meditations to break your Stress Cycle and begin a positive one.  Retreat to these easy to listen to ten-minute recordings anytime to reset your mind & body, refresh yourself, and reconnect with all that is good about you.

Learn from the video courses

Work your way through these incredibly powerful video courses at your own pace.  Rewatch them at your liesure.  Practise what you learn and watch as your increased knowledge, awareness and connection begin affecting every area of your life.

Be part of the Thrivers Facebook Community

Connect with like minded people, many of whom have been where you are today, left their stress & anxiety behind, and have learnt how to hold their head up high no matter what life throws at them.

Get legendary support from yours truly

The level of support available in the Facebook group is awesome!  I keep a close eye on it throughout every day; and I'm always wuick to respond to your questions.... As are the rest of your fellow Thrivers!

John freeman

About John Freeman: The Stress Buster!

John Freeman is The Stress Buster!

He is a keynote speaker; spreading his message that stress is the enemy of all good things - and stress busting is the shortcut to everything you want.

He is the author of Vivid Visualisation: Success without Stress; he makes the world's most effective meditation recordings; and he's the world's most effective stress coach & trainer

He’s on a mission to prove that our priority should always be to feed our spirit - and everything else simply takes care of itself!

What People Are Saying

Sally Joyner,

Lip reading educater

“You gave me confidence to ask myself questions, to move myself forward. Taught me that I was stressed when I didn’t realise.  You stopped me running round like an idiot, feeling I had to do everything. You have been so supportive. ”

Jacqueline Champion,


John taught me to see and think differently about all aspects of my life and how to appreciate and enjoy my life more. I recognise when life is getting stressful and I understand all the positives that come from learning how to change my perspective on life.

Michelle Barker

Maths Genius

You're such fun to work with and there's always fun and laughter!  Putting things into perspective has made me see some things are just not worth the constant battle.  I'm far more relaxed and productive now too.  I would recommend you to anyone because you create a safe friendly environment as well as sound practical guidance and support."


Karen Pointon,


“It will make you feel like you've been massaged by a flock of angels.  It's common sense to understand that we're all responsible for our own stress levels but we rarely give it any thought."

What's in The Thriving School?

 👍 48 of the world's most affective guided meditations, designed with the soul purpose of moving you forward (😉yes I did that on purpose)

👍 19 audio wisdoms and masterclasses

👍 Four great video courses, with more to come:  Stress Busting Mastery, The Freedom Formula™, FOCUS!™, Truly Confident!

👍  Bi weekly Live Trainings and access to all the recordings.  We cover everything that helps you smooth the way:  everything from affirmations & assertiveness to visualisation and healing. 

👍  An amazingly supportive community in the Facebook group with constant access to myself

👍  All on the one convenient Thriving School App!!

Everything you need to ditch your stress and fill yourself with joy and resilience

£49 a month


£539 a year (1 month free)

Are you ready to make a greater commitment to yourself?

The Thriving School is the place to be!  This is your chance to THRIVE!


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