The Stress Buster

Master stress forever... 'The Ultimate Stress-Busting Workshop' from the World's Greatest Stress Buster!

John Freeman

At last!  A truly affective stress training!

Are you ready to help your people improve their mental health, build their resiliance, and cope with anything life throws at them ?

This enhanced training from the world's most effective stress buster cuts through all the waffle and gets straight to the heart of stress.  

At only 2.5 hour long, and designed to be simple to understand with real solutions that are easy to impliment, The Ultimate Stress Busting Workshop provides everything your people need to know about this vastly underestimated and misunderstood issue!

 Stand by to be amazed!

"If you don't think this is the best stress training you've ever seen, I'll return your deposit.  Simple! "

This is for you...

If you are a business looking at stress simply because you are legally bound to do so, we would clash like titans and this training is definitely NOT for you.

However, if the following resonates, I'm your man and I would love to meet you:

  • You are a compassionate company with an ethos of your people being family.  
  • You care about their well-being and often show them how much you appreciate them.  
  • You feel a responsibility to take care of them and help them grow and develop.  
  • You truly care that working for you doesn't cause undue stress and this exceptional training will form just part of your mental health strategy.

Alternatively, you are an organisation looking to transform into a compassionate company like the one above.

  • You want to ensure your people have all the practical knowledge they need to manage their stress successfully - at home as well as at work
  • You want that knowledge imparted succinctly, in plain English, in a fun & inspirational way
  • You want to empower your people to deal effectively with stress whenever it raises its ugly head
  •  You want your people to become aware of how they might cause stress in others
  • And you want it done in an efficient way without wasting too much of their time
Happy Staff

What's the training like?

Totally unique, fabulously useful - and frickin awesome!

Here's nine GREAT reasons for booking this training:

Relaxed & informal

Your participants are made to feel totally relaxed and at ease as they soak up this life-changing workshop

A safe space to share

Whilst the workshop is light-hearted & fun - it is also a safe space to share and be heard

Educational & fun

I am renowned for my ability to cut through what you don't need as well as my fun approach to training

Opportunities for questions

Opportunities for questions are given at strategic points throughout the workshop as well as for as long as needed at the end

Been there, done that!

I have intimate knowledge of stress, anxiety, & depression.  I've suffered extensively from each of them at different times throughout my life.  I'm a true 'poacher turned gamekeeper'

Easy to understand

I love to make things simple.  So, of course, the workshop is simple to understand; and the coping strategies & techniques are simple to implement too

No mind-boggling language

I speak in a language you can make sense of.  This remarkable training contains hard-won knowledge and experience from decades of suffering, PLUS 20 years of helping people become stress-free - no matter how much they have to cope with.

Benefit from John's passion

I have lived & breathed stress for 50 years.  First as a sufferer, then as a hypnotherapist, a coach, and now a trainer.  

"My Mission is your stress!  I want to help you:

1.  Understand it

2.  Eliminate it

3.  Thrive without it"

You will love this workshop

This powerful workshop is everything your people need to regain control and thrive under pressure. The positive effects will seep into every corner of their lives, as well as your business!

Arrange your Ultimate Stress Busting Workshop now!

No more trite advice about stress.  This is the real deal!  Honed from 20 years experience  helping with stress, first as an advanced hypnotherapist, then a coach and now as a trainer.

The training is flexible enough to ensure it is relevant to the people in the room and able to deal with their individual stress concerns - as well as the company's.  What John Freeman doesn't know about stress isn't worth knowing.  Now you too you can benefit from his insights, empathy and wisdom.  All brought to you in this lighthearted, compassionate, and beneficial training!

John Freeman

Why did I create this training?

There is a massive lack of knowledge about stress: what it is, where it comes from, how it affects us - and (most importantly) how easy it is to defeat.  Everything I do is designed to help people see that living without it is a relatively simple & easy thing to do - no matter how much you have to deal with.

Over the past twenty years I have helped people with all manner of stress-related problems.  I have worked successfully to help people rid themselves of panic attacks, overwhelm, anxiety, burnout, and breakdowns - and, of course, I've helped many people cope better under pressure.  I have helped all of them to recover completely from their stress and become resilient, confident and self-assured. 

Driven by a need for simplicity, over time, I have developed many shortcuts.  I have weeded out the unnecessary information and cut through all the old, worn out, inafective 'stress management' advice you've been hearing from everybody else.

I have honed this training workshop from many, many hours of speaking & coaching engagements.  I GUARANTEE that this is the best stress training available in the world today!

John Freeman knows his stuff!

“You gave me confidence to ask myself questions, to move myself forward. Taught me that I was stressed when I didn’t realise.  You stopped me running round like an idiot, feeling I had to do everything. You have been so supportive. ”

Sally Joiner.  Lip Reading Educater

See things in a new way!

John taught me to see and think differently about all aspects of my life and how to appreciate and enjoy my life more. I recognise when life is getting stressful and I understand all the positives that come from learning how to change my perspective on life.

Jaqueline Champion.  Business woman and Celebrant

What do your people leave the workshop with?

  • An awareness of stress second to none!
  • knowing what REAL relaxation feels like
  • a fistful of techniques for dissipating their stress
  • an ability to see stressful events coming and adequately prepare for them
  • coping strategies that focus on what they can control - the stuff that goes on inside them
  • The ability to get the best from others

This Training is 100% Risk FREE!

You'll pay a 25% deposit to secure your booking with the balance due on completion of the workshop.

If you are not 100% satisfied, not only will I not bill you, but I'll refund your deposit too!



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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How much is our investment?

What are the benefits for the participants

How far will you travel?

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