The Stress Paradox

The Stress Paradox

​There is a disturbing belief among most people that stress is just a part of life.  Something we can’t do anything about.  Something that we have to accept as part of ourselves.

But this is so wrong.  Stress is not normal and it doesn’t have to be part of our lives.  But it does take some effort on our part to bust it; and the first step is always to get to grip with the stress paradox.


I love the stress paradox!  It’s the reason why most people struggle with what’s important to them.  And it’s the most costly misunderstanding in our search for all the good things in life.

It is this

​People believe that when all the stuff they have to deal with goes away then their stress will go away too.  That is the stress paradox.  As long as we go through life thinking that thought we surrender our hearts and minds to stress. Stress has control of us and is guaranteed to hold us in its grasp for a very long time.  Maybe forever.  We believe we have no control of our life.  And THAT’S stress in a nutshell!

The hard truth is that the stuff which persistently dogs us will only ever go away after we deal with our stress levels.

Here’s why

What we focus on gets stronger.  You must have heard that, “what we resist persists!”  When we are focusing on our problems we just get more and more stressed about them.  It’s a vicious circle – the stress cycle.  Stress, lack of solution, more stress.  Round and round it goes. 

We create our own stress by blaming something outside of ourselves for how we feel inside.  But the fact is, only we can control how we feel.

​We create our own stress by blaming something outside of ourselves for how we feel inside.  But the fact is, only we can control how we feel

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When, instead, we step through the stress paradox and begin focusing on getting our stress levels down, we, not only feel better instantly about everything, but also open ourselves up to magical and effortless solutions. 

Here is a list of great things that are guaranteed to happen once you recognise the stress paradox in your life.

The lower your stress levels, the more these lovelies will grow

  • You regain the power to change things.  Before you recognise the stress paradox you believe that outside forces are to blame for how you feel.  This makes you powerless.  After you recognise the stress paradox, you can regain control of your life.  You can choose to change things, you can choose to take back your power.
  • Your perspective comes back.  One of the first things to go when you get stressed is your perspective. All your tiny little problems seem like mountains to climb.  De-stress and your mountains become molehills again.  They simply no longer trouble you as much.
  • You see the wider picture.  When the stress chemicals kick in (The Fight Or Flight Response) they create tunnel vision so that we can focus solely on the saber tooth tiger in front of us.  We actually lose our peripherals.  This isn’t just a physical response, it is also a metaphysical one.   As we de-stress our field of view widens.  This goes for our ​mind’s eye as well as our actual vision.  We are able to see more possibilities, more solutions.
  • Your creativity increases.  It is impossible to be creative when we are held in the grip of stress.  Our conscious mind is so busy it can’t hear the messages from your subconscious which knows everything and can solve any problem for you.  As your stress level decreases and your mind begins to relax you reconnect with this vast intelligence within.
  • Your sense of humour returns.  When we are calm and relaxed we can laugh at the largest of our problems.  When we are stressed we can’t even laugh at the tiny ones.
  • You can cope with anything!  For all the reasons above, stress robs us of the ability of coping with life.  De-stressing gives us back our ability to cope.  Plain and simple.

All good things

Stress is the enemy of all good things.  Get to grips with the stress paradox and you open yourself up to everything you want.  All of the happiness, peace and joy you have ever wanted are waiting for you on the other side.

Isn’t it time you took a look at the paradox in your life?