​A FREE one-hour talk about stress: what it is, what

causes it and what the hell you can do about it

​What  I cover

  • What exactly is stress? learn all about this biological event that causes us so many problems ​
  • What causes it?  Discover the power of your imagination - for good and for bad!
  • How does it affect you?  Find out the frightening array of short-term and long-term effects
  • and what the hell can you do about it?  Leave with a pocketful of useful help and advice for dealing effectively with YOUR stress

​Where can you hear the talk?

  • In your business
  • In your clubhouse
  • ​In your school
  • In your home
  • ​ANYWHERE!  As long as you can gather ten people or more

​​Is it really free?

  • ​YES IT IS!
  • ​If I have to travel, I'll ask you to pay my expenses. Other than that It's completely FREE
  • ​I do like a coffee though!

​Organise your talk today

To hear this fun and educational talk, all you have to do now is get in touch and have a chat.  We'll organise a date and time for your talk.