Stress Solutions that Work!

Stress Solutions

So ​here’s a quick overview of the stress solutions that really do work. Do them regularly and you can be more effective, live a happier life, and be healthier.



Aerobic exercise

Anything that gets your heart beating and your lungs breathing is going to dissipate the stress chemicals and reinstate eustress – or homeostasis – or, in plain English, make you feel relaxed and in control again!

Twenty to thirty minutes of hard exercise is all you need to reset yourself. Personally, I think the most effective exercise, from a stress busting perspective, is something you can play at. A game of some sort. That way you are playing as well as exercising, which is great for living a balanced life. It won't even seem like exercise!



The longer you can remain still, the deeper you will relax and the quicker your stress chemicals will dissipate.

You can do this yourself while you are reading, watching telly, or even staring out of the window (as long as you aren't too stressed). But even more effective is to listen to hypnosis, guided visualisation, or meditation recordings (all the same thing really). Cultivating this habit is a wonderfully simple way of getting rid of your stress.

Begin with a twenty minute stress buster recording and do that twice a day for a month. Once you have done this for a month, you will be able to recognise how your stress comes about in the first place and will be calm enough to simply choose not to create it anymore. After the initial month, you only need to listen to ten-minute recordings to maintain your new, calm state of mind and body.

This is the single most effective way I have ever found to bust your stress out of existence! My twenty minute Elite Stress Buster Recording is the best in the world and now forms the basis of my ​​Elite Stress Coaching Program. It has been saving the world, one frazzled person at a time, for twenty years now.

It is usually quite an emotional time when we eventually say, “enough is enough!”, and decide to get rid of our stress. This is a time of great introspection and I have found people quit on themselves if not given the proper coaching support. For this reason, the Elite stress Buster Recording is now only available with the above mentioned, ​​Elite Stress Coaching Program.



All of our stress begins in our mind. What we think becomes how we feel. To change how we feel, we simply have to change how we think. To do that, we need to become aware of our thoughts.

​All of our stress begins in our mind. What we think becomes how we feel.

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We can become more mindful by doing activities that create self-love, calm, peace, quiet and stillness. To name a few that I know to be effective: Meditation, yoga, Indian Head Massage, full-body massage, and tai chi.

Or we can give the present moment our whole hearted focus. washing up, cleaning the house, walking, actually listening to the person in front of us.  Anything can be turned into a meditation.

Effective stress busting is a not something you do once and leave it at that. It is a way of life. It is daily, sometime hourly choices to stop and notice where we are and what is happening within us and around us.

Where are we?


What time is it?


We need to cultivate awareness, and that takes many moments of stillness, solitude, quiet (inside and out). It is going within and becoming comfortable with what and who we find there. It is dealing with, and accepting our difficult emotions. It is a life-long journey of self-discovery.

In short, stress is what happens when we don’t do enough to be peaceful.

Very few of us do enough to be peaceful, to live peaceful lives, to have peaceful relationships – with ourselves or others. Then we wonder why our lives are difficult, why we suffer, why we struggle.

Why we are stressed!

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