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​Here are all of my Facebook Top Tips.  They are all quick and easy tips that you can incorporate into your life to help keep it stress-free.

Check in often because I'll be adding new stuff on here all the time.


Don't stress over paying full price for Christmas presents. Give your loved ones an IOU, then after Christmas take them shopping and buy the same thing at half the price AND go get a coffee and a cake too.


If you need a sleep, for God's sake have one! NOBODY functions well on a lack of sleep.


Have a sauna!

It sucks the stress right out of you. We had one today and it was lovely. Take some time out for yourself, you're worth it.


Get there early!

Miss the traffic.  Be thoroughly prepared.  Start the meeting/day/lunch/date/etc in a calm and unhurried way.  Be your best self.

I love getting there early. It's one of my fav stress busting techniques. Try it and see how much difference it can make to your day.


​Wisdom coming soon

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