Stress and the Law Of Attraction


We have read The Secret, followed Abraham Hicks and fallen in love with Andrea Shulman (if you haven’t, you should).  But for most of us it is just pie in the sky isn’t it?

From what I can see as I lurk around Facebook, around 90% of people who are interested in LOA can’t make it work for them in a positive way.  But there is a really simple explanation for this that nobody seems to be talking about.


​Most of us are absolute masters at manifesting negative things in our lives.  But why can’t we manifest all the positive things we say we want?

Well, a big part of it is frustration.  If we are frustrated because we don’t have what we want or because we have too much what we don’t want, then that is a low frequency vibration.

So every time you allow yourself to feel frustrated, you are vibrating at the wrong frequency.  We all know that we have to match the vibration of what we want and then it will be drawn to us.  But how the hell are we supposed to do that when all we feel at the deepest level is frustration?

The real secret to manifesting what we want is to be extremely happy and positive ​ALL the time. Never mind if the house burns down, look for something positive and focus on that.  Don’t worry if someone you love dies, focus on the life insurance payout.  Never mind your shit job, smell the roses on the way to and from work.

​The real secret to manifesting what we want is to be extremely happy and positive ALL the time

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It’s like training a dog.  Ignore what you don’t want and focus on what you do.  And we try don’t we?  We really try.  But that frustration, or worry, or disappointment is always there, isn’t it?  Always at the bottom of everything, always in the background, haunting our every minute.

Luckily there is a simple solution and I believe this to be the missing link in the LOA teachings.


Frustration, worry, fear, disappointment are all signs of stress.  Like all signs of stress they are also stressors themselves.  That means the more you focus on them (hard not to, right?, the more stressed you become.  That means you are on a perpetual cycle of stress-stress-more stress.

Nobody ever thinks about stress and how important a factor it is.  Not just in the LOA but in every area of your life.  I’m on a mission to get you to look at everything from a stress busting perspective.

Come at the LOA from a stress busting perspective and you will remove virtually every obstacle to getting what you want. 

Forget about trying to manifest more money, a bigger house, less weight, or a new car.  If you are frustrated, you are stressed.  If you are stressed it is impossible to be positive.  If you can’t be positive, you must be negative and if you are negative, your vibrational frequency must be low.

The result of that?  Manifesting more of what you don’t want!

“​You are actually pre-paving your future experiences constantly....You are continually projecting your expectations into your future experiences.”

​Estha Hicks

If you can easily manifest stuff you want, well done you, but if you are struggling (low frequency), then the only way to change things is to do something different. And I’m willing to bet that you have never let it all go and put your stress levels at the top of your priorities.

Stress is the true enemy of all the good things in life.

The only thing that matters at this point is that you reduce your stress levels as far as you can. You need to obtain eustress.  That’s the sweet spot between not enough motivation to get up off your arse and get on with your life and being powered full throttle by negativity.

That negativity could be frustration, disappointment, fear, worry, guilt, etc.  Whichever one is your favourite – if you feel it, you’re stressed!

Eustress is the difference between screaming along the motorway in third gear or cruising in fifth.  The window is open, the sun is shining, steering one handed, relaxed, care-free. 

Calm and contented, knowing you will reach your chosen destination when you get there.

So instead of getting all negative, try this instead.  There are many ways of reducing your stress levels.  Their effectiveness will depend on how stressed you are and how often you balance that stress with your stress busting activities. 

Think of a set of scales.  All the shit you have to deal with on one side balanced equally with your stress busting activities on the other

My chosen de-stressing activity, which I use for myself as well as all of my clients, is guided visualisation recordings.  Beware though, many of them are useless.  They might be enjoyable to listen to, but are they an effective stress buster?

​Obviously, the best ones available in the world today are my own Made To Measure Recordings. They are uniquely recorded according to your needs and completely unscripted – straight from my subconscious to yours!

​There are others too if you prefer off the shelf.  


  • Be sure they are twenty minutes long.  Any shorter and they won’t get you deep enough to dissipate the ​stress chemicals  Any longer is unnecessary and robs you of your valuable time.
  • Be sure the speaker is making an actual connection with you.  Far too many people make these recordings and just go through the motions.  Ensure you feel a connection with them.  A guided visualisation should touch you at the deepest level.  Accept nothing less!
  • Be sure the recording takes you deep into relaxation. Very deep. You are looking for a state of hypnosis.  Not necessarily asleep but not awake either.  Almost forgetting you even have a body.  Complete stillness in mind and body.
  • Be sure you listen twice a day for a month.  OMG!  You cry.  Yep.  Twice a day for a month.  At the end of the month I promise that you will be amazed at how calm you feel, how positive you are, how high your frequency is, and how you are manifesting everything you want.
  • Be aware of the Old You trying to hold you!  That quiet voice that tells you it isn't working, or you don't have time for this, or what's the point?  THAT'S the Old You manipulating the New You into quitting before the job is done.  Ignore anybody, yourself included, who tells you to quit!!!
If all it takes ​to remove your frustration over your desires is to listen to a recording twice a day for a month, then why not give it a go?  If the LOA isn’t working for you, and you have tried everything else, why not, eh?
I dare you!

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