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Spirited Woman Playbook

Welcome to Your New Stress-Free & Confident Life!

Positivity is all about feeling good.  This incredible program will teach you how to create good feelings at will.

The Spirited Woman Playbook will help you leave overwhelm behind as you move into a superb new state of real confidence, strength and happiness. 

As a hypnotherapist and coach I work with professional women, helping them swap their overwhelm for joy & abundance, so life can be much more fun.

I've been using these powerful techniques to transform the lives of my clients for some 20 years.  Now I've collated them into this incredible program. In just ten weeks you will undergo a transformation that will last you a life time.

This is for you if you are ready to let go of overwhelm, get to know yourself on a whole new level, and finally make life fun!  This program will release you from negativity, fill you with positivity, and have you falling in love with yourself in the most beautiful way.


Crash Course in Stress Busting and receive your unique 20-minute recording

You'll get your unique Stress Buster Recording and full instructions on how to get the best from it.

You need to commit to listening to this twice a day for the first four weeks.

We will discuss your stress related issues and ensure they are all tackled effectively (and left firmly behind you) throughout the coming ten weeks.

This is the exciting start of your stress-free journey and you'll feel great from day one!


Decisions, choices & intentions

This week is all about the immense power of decisions:  How we make them, why we need to make them, and how much we can achieve once we do make them.
In this session we'll be helping you set your intentions for a bright, fulfilling future.  

What do you keep, and what can you let go of?

What are your priorities?

By the end of this week you'll be over any overwhelm you were feeling when you started.

Asking yourself Powerful Questions

This week is all about the immense power of great questions.

Asking yourself the right questions is essential for engaging the subconscious and getting great solutions come to you when you need them most.

This is where your positivity comes from.

With your stress almost gone completely, you'll be feeling more in control of your life now!

Affirmations and finding your voice

Receive your 10-minute recording today and switch to this one.

Now it's time to master affirmations:  How to create them, how to use them, and why they are so important to living the life we want.

We're going to help you find your voice too.  Speaking up for yourself (even when you're speaking to yourself)  is so important.  Get ready to say goodbye to your negative self-talk forever!

Your friends will be commenting on the new you about now!

Effective Communication & Assertiveness 

Building on last week, let's move it forward with some assertiveness and great communication skills.

We'll be talking about the power of taking a breath, effective responses and standing up for yourself.

This is all about knowing and getting what you want from the people who share your life.

By now, your spirits will be lifted and your light shining brighter.

Practising Appreciation

What does it mean to practise appreciation?

This week is all about learning awareness for the beauty of you, your life and everything in it.

You'll learn precisely how to use this amazing life-enhancing tool to bring out the best in yourself and the world around you.

You won't have any time to feel negative anymore as all of these positive habits build on each other.

Positive Expectations

How do we create an attitude of positive expectation?

This week is all about expecting, AND getting, the best from EVERY situation.

You'll learn how to pre-plan every segment of your life with positivity. When you expect the best, you will tend to get it!

This is one of the greatest habits I employ to ensure my life is joyful.

You'll find yourself smiling at the strangest of things - often!!!

The Art Of Playfulness

Imagine turning the whole world into your very own playground.  

Well, that's what we'll be doing this week.  You'll learn how to let go of seriousness and become playful and excited by every day.

You'll be amazed at just how many opportunities there are for you to be playful and fun in all situations.

No matter what you have to do, there is always a way to make it fun - if we know how to look for it!

This is where you and your life become fun, and you start to fall in love with yourself.

Detachment from the Outcome!  

This week you'll be learning the immense power of detachment.  Everything is OK, you're OK.  You can handle anything!

This is the final habit to add to your arsenal, and it's a cracker!   No more angst, worry, or desperation for a particular outcome.  

Mastering detachment will rock your world!

People will be asking, "What does she know that we don't?"

Your Priority Is You! Putting it all together and moving forward to a new life with a strong spirit and a bright shining light

So, you've made it.  Your overwhelm is a distant memory, you feel more joy than anxiety, more abundance than worry, AND you know how to keep it that way.

This week is all about taking stock of your incredible journey and ensuring you have a plan for moving forward.

Breezing though life, feeling in control like you never have before. YOU are well and truly in charge of your life now and forever!

At the end of this incredible training you will...

  • Never feel overwhelmed again
  • Feel happy and contented
  • Feel GREAT all the time
  • Be a shining light of positivity
  • Have amazing confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Be receiving fantastic guidance and creativity from your subconscious
  • Be creating an amazing life on your terms, in your way

Sign up today to ditch the overwhelm, lift your spirits and shine like a star, so you can achieve effortless joy & success.

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Spirited Woman Playbook
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