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Success costing too much?

I had the feeling that John knew me and my fears better than I did. It was a deeply transformational experience, encouraging me to overcome my inner demons" - Irina Wendler

What is the Rapid Burnout Recovery Program?

A unique and flexible program created to fit your needs

I designed this powerful and effective program after working successfully with stressed out men, women and teenagers for more than twenty years.

Utilising my skills from hypnotherapy, coaching and N.L.P. alongside my natural empathy you will feel understood, cared for and cradled in a safe pair of hands.

Admitting we are struggling to cope and asking for help is the hardest part of the process.  Once you join this powerful program you will, once again, begin feeling in control of your mind, your body, and your life!

Of course there is still work to do.  In many ways working through this program might be the toughest challenge of your life.

But I shall be holding your hand every step of the way - guiding and supporting you as you make your way back home. Back in control. Back to calm.  Back to feeling good about life.


“Surprise, surprise, stress busting is the easiest thing ever!  All it takes is the right person to guide you through the process. ”

Sharon Frost - Holistic Entrepreneur

Number 1

Step One - Understanding!

A complete audit of your life as it stands now, as well as in the past few years.  We will take a good hard look at where you are and exactly how you got here.

Number 2

Step Two - Stress Reduction

We start rapidly reducing your stress levels.  Using my unique system you will begin feeling better from day one. You will learn what your mind and body need and start taking the right steps to ensure they get it.

Number 3

Step Three - A New Way Of Life!

You will begin a program of life-changing rituals and habits guaranteed to help you regain control, cope with anything and start enjoying life again.  At the end of the program you will hardly recognise who you were at the beginning.  Stress will never control you again! 

If you are suffering from breakdown OR burnout, this is the program for you!

Throughout my twenty year career, all my very best results have come from working with people who are struggling to cope. If you are feeling desperate right now, you need someone who can provide a compassionate intervention. Someone you can trust to look after you while you regain control of your mind, body and your life.  And do it quickly, efficiently and confidentially!

Rediscover the joy of real relaxation

Reprogram your mind and body with a new reference point.  Learn how to create space in your day for your spirit to rest and recuperate - with the world's most effective guided visualisation recording, created especially for you.

Reconnect with yourself at the deepest level

As you begin to rediscover the feeling of calm control, you will give yourself vital seconds of consideration, enabling you to make powerful, positive choices.  Every day you spend in the program you create less stress for yourself.  Life just gets easier and easier.

Your very own world class coach

Begin to make life-changing choices and be held accountable for sticking to them as you rebuild your life, putting your own well-being front and centre.  Receive compassionate, insightful help when you need it the most.

What you'll get with the Rapid Burnout Recovery Program

  • You won't have to deal with anything on your own anymore!
  • You'll have the exact blueprint you need to rid yourself of your stress forever!
  • You'll learn exactly what works AND what doesn't!
  • You'll never again not know what to do in a crisis or when the pressure builds up around you!
  • You'll have a detailed action plan AND all the support, coaching and accountability you need to begin taking life in your stride!
  • You'll finish up with a bucket full of supremely powerful coping skills


"I am really have had such an impact on me. I have been more focused and motivated from day have really resonated with some much needed feelings."

Caroline Webb
Learning & Development Consultant

The results I am getting are remarkable....Things just seem to be going my way.

Theresa Destrebecq
Conflict Resolution Coach

I recommend working with John to anyone who wants to make long term, profound changes in his/ her life.

Irina Wendler
Career Coach

There came a day in my life when it all got too much.  Stressed out, tired, angry, scared.  All the emotions doing overtime in my head...I learned how to control my thoughts and feelings...And gradually began to feel good and even smile!  So if you have any doubt about John freeman and what he does, take it from someone took drugs and booze etc, etc.  If you want to feel calm and relaxed then try it!  Believe me it works.

Spencer Smith

If only I had met John Freeman sooner the last few years would have been a much nicer part of my life....Being told you are a powerful and wonderful women, and believing it is a great feeling. Even greater is when my friends tell me they love the new me!  So do I!  Try it, you'll never look back.

Julie Picter

Mum of a heart baby


Here are some common questions about The Rapid Burnout Recovery Program.

How long does it take?

What are your sessions like?

How soon will I notice a difference?

And at the end of the program?

How do I get on the program?

How much does it cost?

Case Studies

Elena:  Entrepreneur

Elena was extremely busy building her own business.  She was working fourteen hour days and doing everything herself.  She was completely overwhelmed, stressed out and could no longer cope.  She had got to the stage where she would start crying in the silliest places and at the craziest times; like in a cafe over coffee or while she was cooking dinner for her friends.  She was recommended by a friend to get in touch with me.

We worked together for four weeks.  During that time we focused on her stress as a priority.  We reduced it so much that she could hardly believe how bad she had got before she came to me.  I taught her how to relax very deeply, very quickly. we designed a new routine that incorporated new ways of balancing her lifestyle to take into account of her workload but also the importance of caring for herself. The month held many challenges for her as she worked towards these powerful changes.  As her coach I guided and supported her throughout.

At the end of the month she was working fewer hours but getting more done.  She was happier, more confident and was coping easily with every difficulty thrown at her.  Most importantly, she now has a host of coping strategies at her disposal. She can recognise stress when it rears its ugly head and she know exactly how to rapidly reduce it when it does.

Eric:  Father of teenagers

Eric came to me because his home was in uproar.  He and his wife have three teenagers and were not getting on with any of them.  He had got to the stage where he couldn't bear to go home from work in the evening.  He started going to the pub for a few pints on the way home from work.  This had become a habit and his entire coping strategy.  He told me when we first talked that he was struggling to cope and just seemed to be losing his temper ever more easily.  He was genuinely scared of what was happening to his whole family.

We worked closely together for four weeks.  We took all of the stress out of the situation for him.  This enabled him, first, to be a positive and calming influence on his wife, and then the two of them, with guidance and support throughout, began calmly and positively rebuilding their relationship with their teenagers.  He learnt how to breath much more beneficially, and how to deeply relax quickly and easily.    This enabled him to have vital seconds of consideration before responding to his children.  With his focus now on keeping every situation calm and obtaining deep and meaningful relationships with his children, improvements were made daily.

At the end of the four weeks harmony was restored to Eric's home.  He and his wife were getting on like a house on fire.  He is calmer than he has been for years. He is now able to understand when those he loves are driven by stress and so is much more supportive of them when they need it.  He has all the coping strategies he needs, not just for his own home, but for all stressful situations that he might find himself in.

Gina, Senior Manager

Gina is a Senior Manager for a large company.  She is constantly under pressure from above and below.  She is often caught between the demands of her superiors and the abilities and attitudes of her staff.  After struggling with this situation for two and a half years she was feeling incredibly deflated and numb.  Her social life was suffering as well as her home life as she began to withdraw from people more and more.

She finally realised that she needed help.  As she said to me when I first met her, "I'm just not the same person I was.  I used to be so capable, so much fun to be around." In short, the pressures of her job had worn her down to breaking point.

We worked together for six weeks (that's a long time for me!)  During that time I taught her how to balance her stress levels and to prioritise her own well-being.  It took a while for her to adjust and I had to support her through some pretty big life-style changes.  But with every stumbling block she came across I was there guiding and supporting her, holding her accountable and coaching her to where she wanted to be.

After six weeks she was as good as new.  She had a whole host of coping strategies at her disposal, she was calm and relaxed and so much more capable at work as well as social situations.  The stuff that used to cause her so much distress was still happening at work but now, "It just doesn't affect me anymore!"  She, once again, is a strong and capable woman thriving in her challenging workplace.

Would you like to regain control again?  

If you are ready to take back control of your life; if you're ready to make a commitment to yourself; and if you're ready to let go of the Old You and embrace the New You - Simply fill out some details on the contact form and we'll arrange a call.  

So, let me just say, I had been suffering from anxiety and panic disorder for 15 long years which seemed to start right around the time I was perimenopausal! My last panic attack was spent in the hospital being tested for a heart third time in the emergency room within a year! I was done, finite, FINISHED with feeling like I had no control over the anxiety I was feeling or my life! It was debilitating to the point where going to the grocery store was becoming a nightmare for me.

John private messaged me to offer his help and guidance and at first I was skeptical but, we talked and I consulted my husband and we decided that we'd had enough! I had enough of feeling scared and out of control and making visits to the hospital every three - six months. So, I decided to make a change and hired John for his services...I figured if he could help me, he could help anyone...skeptic that I was

I have been working with John for four weeks now in his six week stress busting course and I cannot believe how FANTASTIC I have been feeling! With his personalized meditations, I have learned how NOT to absorb and internalize everything that is going on around me and it has given me the ability to self regulate any anxiety that tries to crop its ugly head! I have learned to breathe deeply and deliberately and focus on telling myself, "I AM IN CONTROL!"

There are two bonuses that I have experienced during this past 4 weeks as well. 1. I am sleeping through the night which hasn't been happening since my daughter was born more than 22 years ago. I don't need a melatonin or CBD oil to help me fall asleep. Which means I am well rested and ready to hit the day running and I FEEL better physically and mentally! And 2. I have lost a little around my waist and hips because I am eating more regularly and no longer feel the need to snack heavily between meals...and, it has inspired me to eat healthier foods

If you are doubtful or skeptical about what John can do to help you, I am telling you, his method worked for me! I am tackling the anxiety! I am feeling and owning my fantastic in a healthy way without the help of pharmaceuticals! I am NOT OWNING anxiety anymore. I am not giving credence to it, and I am not accepting it as a fact of life anymore because that is what I have been doing since being diagnosed with it in 2014. Living with anxiety is NOT LIVING. It is accepting less for myself.

I know how debilitating anxiety can be and how counterproductive and destructive it is...I am tired of the cycle that has been keeping me held back...the cycle that I have had the power and mind to stop all this wasted time. Think of all the time you have spent accepting anxiety as part of your think of all the money lost in the process because you were too debilitated to work on the things that are important. I am so glad I chose this route...SO GLAD. THANKS JOHN.

Kristine Hughes-Tibbs

Kristine Hughes-Tibbs

Graphic Designer