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Why do people get stuck in the Stress Cycle?

The Stress Cycle is a vicious beast that grabs hold of you and never lets go.  It's like getting caught up in a whirlwind.  Spinning round and round, never being able to stop and never able to get off.

Stress attracts stress!  It's as simple as that.  Stress robs us of our self-control, our perspective, our creativity, and our ability to cope.

The more stressed we are, the more we just keep making things worse for ourselves.  THAT'S the Stress Cycle.

Every sign of stress is a stressor in itself.   That means, as long as we give in to the Stress Cycle it can (and will) only keep getting worse.   Stress builds on stress.  And what's worse is that it's so insidious we hardly recognise it happening.  Our stressed out behaviour and issues become so 'normal' to us that we think that's who we are.

What's The Stress Paradox?

Most often people think that "When all of that goes away, then so will my stress!"

That's the Stress Paradox.  As long as we wait for life to stop throwing stuff at us to deal with, we will never gain control.

Peace of mind and freedom from our issues only comes when we RECOGNISE The Stress Paradox and DECIDE to break the Stress Cycle.

Life will NEVER stop throwing stuff at us to deal with.  Not ever!  The short cut to all good things is to reverse that cycle of self-destructive behaviour.

What's the secret to deep and lasting change?

We need to access our subconscious mind and tell it what we want.  We need to be consistent in our message AND we need to get out of our own way and let that amazing part of ourselves create the good feelings that we have always longed for.

Your subconscious is your BEST friend EVER!

You couldn't function without the subconscious intelligence that resides within you.  Think about all of the millions of things that are happening inside you right now.  All the different systems, the organs, the healing power.  

Without the subconscious watching over you your life would be over in a flash.  Its ONLY job is to look after YOU! 

It is your creative power!  BUT....

It relies on us to guide it - We have to tell it what we want it to create for us.  AND we have to be consistent about it.  The problem is that we fail to understand the Stress Paradox, then we get trapped in the Stress Cycle; and that tells our subconscious that, "We want more of this please!"

Get the subconscious on board and everything we want is a just heartbeat away.  

Break that cycle, STOP doing the things that make us feel bad, and START doing the things that make us feel good.

Deep transformation is now so easy that everybody is doing it.  Why waste another day on dealing with our issues?

Instead we could be getting rid of them once and for all.

How can we stop the Stress Cycle in its tracks?

Stopping the Stress Cycle is the easiest thing ever!  As long as we do it right, we can take charge of who we want to be in an instant.  In as little as ONE DAY we can change our focus onto what we want (instead of what we DON'T want), stop feeding the Stress Cycle, and start feeling in control of our lives again.

Accepting stress as part of our lives is so old hat!  Nobody needs to do that anymore.


  • Focusing solely on what you want and not being distracted by external events
  • Instantly creating GREAT feelings of joy and happiness any time you want
  • Drawing on your inner power and strength whenever you need them
  • Staying calm, relaxed and in control – no matter what
  • Being the strength your family needs
  • Being a Stress Busting Ninja

A simple tool that does the job for you.  All you have to do is sit still for ten minutes at a time!

Unique to you and your situation as it stands today.  Created especially for YOU!  


Starts to work from the very first time you use it AND just keeps getting better & better!

One tool, one job, one miracle result...

Introducing the Made To Order Meditation

For twenty years this amazingly simple device has been changing people at the deepest level.  Whatever your issue, these recordings connect with your subconscious in a powerful way.  

Made especially for you, and designed to pull you gently to where you want to go, they are the the most effective way of telling YOUR subconscious what you want.  It's like setting (and resetting) your guidance system every day.  

After you start listening, it's like lighting the blue touch paper on your missile of desire!

Does it REALLY work that easily?

You bet it does!
When I make my Magic Meditation Recordings I make a deep connection with all parts of you.  In turns I speak to your conscious mind as well as your subconscious.  My intention is to connect to the Old You as well as the New You.

My empathy and intuition take over completely while I make the recording, and the connection is incredible.  You will feel it from the very first listen.

And your subconscious will now know EXACTLY what you expect from it.  The rest is up to you.  Every day you get to choose who you want to be.  The recording puts the brakes on the Stress Cycle like nothing else available today.  As long as you're willing to keep taking the actions that re-enforce the recording - a new positive and beneficial cycle will have begun.  

The life you've always dreamed of is finally within your grasp!

The AMAZING Made To Order 

Guided Meditation

YOUR Rapid Change Solution!

A unique Made To Order Magic Meditation Recording  made especially for you.  Designed and created with one purpose in mind:

To shift how you feel at the deepest level and be the kick-start you need to finally  get rid of your stress, replace it with rock solid coping skills and start really enjoying life again.

Unscripted and recorded in one take - "straight from my subconscious to yours!"

  1. 1
    Changes how you feel at the deepest level.
  2. 2
    Starts creating GOOD FEELINGS immediately.
  3. 3
    Every time you listen you re-enforce your new positive feelings
  4. 4
    Then the MAGIC happens because your old way of thinking and behaving bumps up against your new positive feelings - you now get to CHOOSE better thinking and behaviours.
Guided meditations

What People Are Saying About Them


“Omg listened to the recording once...this morning early...must say just listening to it made me feel kind of stronger..and made me feel like I want to listen to it more.”

"...I  have been listening to the recording you sent me 3 times a day.

And in doing that I haven't made any excuses to myself either. there have been times where I haven't been in the ideal surroundings... but I've been determined to listen at least 3 times 

I'm totally stoked how amazing I feel just from making these very small steps!! Here's to an amazing future!! "

Debbie Whysall
- Wellness Coach

Thank you so much John you are an amazing human being..."

“He gave me a recording to listen to at least twice a day. I listen to it at least 4 times a day and it has done me wonders!! I always have a smile on my face at the end of the recording and I had my first bath without crying in over 2 weeks as I listened to it. I would love to hear more recordings to help me as i feel the change already."

Kirsty Aitkin
- Stay at home parent

How to get YOUR unique Magic Meditation Recording

Getting your hands on one of these exceptional transformation tools is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1.  Click the PayPal Button, pay the amount and you'll be taken straight to my calendar to make our appointment.

2.  After we have talked, I'll make your unique recording and add music (the style of your choice).

3.  I'll deliver it to you within 48 hours.  I guarantee you'll love it AND it will connect to you at the deepest level.

Guided meditations

Your unique and powerful Made To Order Magic Meditation comes with legendary support - if you listen properly, you'll need that so you understand what's happening during your transformation.

This amazing recording PLUS the support costs £150

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here are a couple more testimonials


“It will make you feel like you've been massaged by a flock of angels"

"It's common sense to understand that we're all responsible for our own stress levels but we rarely give it any thought."

Karen Pointon
- Lawyer

“Believe me it works!"

There came a day in my life when it all got too much.  Stressed out, tired, angry, scared.  All the emotions doing overtime in my head...I learned how to control my thoughts and feelings...And gradually began to feel good and even smile!  So if you have any doubt about John freeman and what he does, take it from someone took drugs and booze etc, etc.  If you want to feel calm and relaxed then try it!  Believe me it works."

Spencer Smith
John Freeman

Stress Buster, Author, Speaker, Creator of The Magic Meditation Recording and all-round nice guy

About Me

I've been crafting these little gems for 20+ years now.  

They are produced straight from my subconscious to yours with one purpose and one intention in mind - to move you from frustration and struggle to strength and purpose!  And do it quickly and easily.

They are the perfect way to shift how you feel at the deepest level and be the kick-start you need to finally  get rid of your stress, replace it with rock solid coping skills and start really enjoying life again.

I have never heard of anybody receiving one of these who didn't absolutely LOVE it.  If you're not amazed by the connection I make with you, I'll give you your money back - no questions asked!

Let's talk about Debbie...

Debbie jumped on a call with me a while ago and at the time was completely overwhelmed.  She had been hiding herself away for nearly three weeks and was feeling quite down.

She was very nervous speaking with me but we soon settled into an honest conversation about what was going on with her.  She was soon in possession of a Magic Meditation and began listening to it three times a day (they're only 10 minutes long).

The difference right from the start was outstanding and you can read her comments above. Although it can be daunting to get on a call with me, I'm actually really easy to speak to and very intuitive so we get to the heart of the matter quickly and easily.

But the real hero of the story is Debbie

  • SHE decided how many times a day she needed to listen
  • SHE took the actions necessary to build her own momentum
  • SHE set a path for herself.
  • SHE  keeps coming back to me, taking advantage of the email support.  "John, this is happening, what should I do next?  What does it mean?"  
  • SHE decides every day who she wants to be

And the recording ensures she stays on track and moves forward.  She's now armed with rock steady coping skills and is taking life in her stride.   Every day her old negative patterns are bumping up against her new positive feelings - and she is able to choose not to do them anymore.

Why are Magic Meditation Recordings so good?

Because I've struggled.  I spent decades feeling frustrated with my inability to cope.  Stressed out because I didn't know what to do all the time.  Caught in The Stress Cycle and not knowing which way to turn.  I've been there.  I lived DECADES in misery and pain.

But I healed my pain and now I heal other's too.  When I close my eyes and begin recording I know in my heart exactly what you need to hear at the deepest level to get you moving forward, to give you that kick-start you so desperately need.

I'm an Intuitive Empath and I feel your pain.  But even better, I feel who you CAN BE.  Who you are beneath the pain.  And I'm really good at reaching in and bringing that strong, capable and fun You back to the surface without fuss or bother.

Can YOU benefit from a Magic Meditation Recording?

The short answer is YES YOU CAN!  

  • If you've got changes you want to make, these recording ARE that change
  • If you're stuck in the Stress Cycle and can't see the exit, they ARE the exit
  • If you need to hear some regular encouragement and positivity, they're it
  • If you want an effective kick-start to your transformation, They're the BEST
  • And if you like to get supported properly, I am that support.  
  • And the way I look after you through this change is legendary

The future WITH a Magic Meditation

  • A mind full of positive thoughts
  • A new forward momentum
  • Able to reset yourself whenever you need to
  • Feeling better about yourself every day
  • A life of joy and purpose

The future WITHOUT a Magic Meditation

  • Carry on feeling like you do today
  • Stay stuck in The Stress Cycle 
  • Never being able to create good feelings
  • Carry on feeling frustrated with life and maybe yourself
  • A life of stress and struggle
Guided meditations

What You Get

  • A one-to-one call with me to fully discuss where you are and where you want to be
  • One Dynamic Visualisation Recording made uniquely for you (about 10 minutes)
  • Unlimited legendary help, support & guidance for as long as you need it
  • 100% satisfaction Guarantee.  All of your money back if you're not happy
  • Your unique recording usually delivered to your inbox within 48 hours
  • The music genre of your choice

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get a longer recording?

How soon will I begin noticing the results?

Do I have to do anything myself?

Do I have to use the support?

When is the most important time to listen?

P.S. If you're ready to make a commitment to The New You, this is the simplest, easiest and quickest way I have ever seen to achieve ANY change you want to make.  Now the choice is yours.  

After all, we all deserve a stress-free life, don't we?  Stress & Struggle OR Joy& Purpose - you choose!

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