About Me

Hi, I’m John Freeman

I believe that stress is the cause of ALL of our problems - emotional, mental and physical.

By focusing on our stress levels ​INSTEAD of our problems we can ease our way through life watching our problems dissolve themselves in a magical way.

I’ve spent most of my life struggling.  

​I know stress!  It’s been a part of my life since I was six when my father died. ​ My coping strategies have traditionally been to be a people-pleaser or shouting and swearing. Both of which are great ways of ensuring I stayed stressed and have made life extremely difficult at times. ​

I’m sick of crap advice about stress! 

So much stress advice comes from people who know nothing about what it’s like to be stressed. If you are sick of trite advice from people who don't understand YOUR stress, you're in the right place.  My aim is to give you help, support and guidance that will actually change your life.

I’m on a mission to save the world - one frazzled person at a time!

​My purpose is to educate you about stress, inspire you to get on top of it, and help you dissolve your problems in a new and exciting way.  You can learn from my mistakes, ​as well as my expertise built from twenty years of helping stressed out people regain control of their lives.

Here are a few things about me

  • I didn’t even discover there was such a thing as a positive or negative mental attitude until I was twenty eight.  I subsequently spent the best part of thirty years working at being positive (whilst mainly just getting more stressed)
  • ​I’ve been a hypnotherapist for twenty years and a Stress Management Counselor before that.  I soon discovered that with most clients, as soon as we took away their stress, most of their problems walked away by themselves.
  • I eventually became a coach (because it was more fun). But I still keep producing my guided visualisation recordings which I believe to be the most effective in the world.
  • I started Vivid Visualisation (.com).  A coaching site dedicated to helping people make friends with their subconscious.  I also wrote my second  book at this time: Vivid Visualisation: Success without Stress!   I'm very proud of this book, it helps many people understand ​how to live happier lives. 

​​My basic philosophy is all about making life as easy as possible.  Stress is the enemy of that philosophy! 

Stress keeps us from happiness.  It keeps us from enjoying good health.  It prevents us from being successful.  ​Stress isn’t your friend. Stress is a like a favour from the mafia. Sooner or later there will always be a price to pay.

Stress busting is the single most important thing I do for myself; and it is my purpose, privilege and absolute delight to do it for you too.

​What is John Freeman-Stress Buster all about?

The foundation of a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life is a calm mind and body. Think about it.  Stress is tension.  When the mind is tense, ideas, creativity, solutions can’t flow.  They are blocked.  When the body is tense, energy can’t flow. It is blocked. 

A healthy mind needs free-flowing ideas and a healthy body needs free-flowing energy.

There are three things we need to be a really happy and effective human being: mental clarity, emotional stability, and physical health. Some or all of these are lost when we allow stress to live within us.  These aspects are covered in depth, on this site.

John Freeman–Stress Buster is everything you need to free your mind and body of the turmoil we call stress.

I love to educate about stress, but what I love most is the intervention.  My greatest pleasure and satisfaction is to help someone who has become so stressed that they can no longer cope. I spend time working one to one with them closely to turn that situation around.

My ​Elite Stress Coaching Program is the culmination of forty years of stresssing myself, and twenty years experience in helping others cope with theirs.  It is elegant and truly amazing in its results. I don’t say that to brag.  It is merely a fact. My clients hardly recognise themselves when they look back to where they were when they started the program.

I hope to show you a whole new perspective on stress and how it infiltrates every aspect of our lives. That's why on this site, you will find some really great insights into your own stress as well as those around you.

Here are a few posts that can give you a good idea of what to expect on John Freeman-Stress Buster.

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​Anxiety - stress from the inside

Stress Buster

​​​Freeman triangle of a balanced life

Stress & Struggle: My Story

You know how some people seem to breeze through life: happy, charismatic, successful, charming, witty, popular?  Well that was me.

Only joking!  That wasn’t me at all.  My dad died when I was six and mum, who wasn’t provided for, had to go to work.  When I needed my mum the most, she wasn’t there for me.

To cut a long and painful story short, I grew up feeling unwanted, lonely, and miserable.  I also developed a really nasty temper.  Although I wasn’t violent, I could shout, swear and kick furniture like you wouldn’t believe.

My lack of trust

As I grew up I always felt on the outside of everything.  I had few really good friends and couldn’t get a girl to save my life.  Subconsciously I didn’t trust anyone. No matter how desperate I was for friendship or a girlfriend I just pushed everyone away without even realising it was my own doing.  As I look back on these things now, I can see what a master I was at self-sabotage.  An absolute master!

Why is life such a struggle?

The first time I had that thought was when I was fifteen, and I kept having it for decades afterwards too.  It seemed as though that was all life had to offer for me.  I just bounced from one disaster to another with no real purpose or hope. The inability to trust anyone ensured my journey was a solo one.  So no positive influences and no support or guidance from anyone.  And the rare time anyone tried I was too busy being angry to listen anyway.  All this ensured I kept myself stressed for a good part of my life.

I left school at fifteen and, basically, went on the piss for fifteen years.  I didn’t pursue a career, rather I just bounced from job to job.  Sometimes I even stayed unemployed just for the fun of it.  I was in my late forties before the realisation hit me that I could have built a career AND had fun. Actually I would have had more fun because of the money in my pocket. 

I have always taken a long time to learn my lessons.

A Positive Attitude

In January 1989 I was introduced to my first self-help book: Success through a positive mental attitude, by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone.  OMG!!!  At the age of twenty eight I had at last realised there were two ways of thinking.  Of course I had been on the negative side of things my whole life.  Now I ​could instantly become positive and I was running around telling everyone I was going to be rich and successful.  I was so excited!

You guessed it; I didn’t get rich, I didn’t get successful, I didn’t even get very positive - not for a long while anyway.  I went on to read hundreds of self-help and spiritual books over the next thirty years. And slowly, very slowly became a bit more positive each and every day.  But any progress I made was snail-paced.

I did, however, start up and run my own garden maintenance business for a while.  But of course, with my low self-esteem, and nobody to help and support me, all I did was work very, very hard, get really, really, REALLY stressed, and stayed extremely broke.


In November 2000 I came down with acute pancreatitis.  OUCH!  Seven days in hospital and very, very poorly.  BUT...it was the best thing that ever happened to me!  It was caused by alcohol so I became an instant tea-total. I had my last drink on 13th November 2000.  ​You can read the whole story of just why my subconscious created that pancreatitis in order to look after me in my book: "Vivid Visualisation: Stress without Stress".

Overnight I went from the bloke who never went home, to the bloke who got bored as hell at eleven (when everybody started talking shit), and had to go home.  The very best thing that came out of it was my decision to get into hypnotherapy, and I started my new, six month course the following January.

The Healing Years

My hypnotherapy course lasted six months and just after finishing I got in somewhat of a mess.  I became very depressed at this time and a friend dragged me to the doctors.  

The doctor put me on Prozac and afterwards I collapsed on the floor of the car park crying like a baby.  In a life of low points, this was one of the worst.

BUT...about four days later, as I felt the first sensations of the Prozac in my arms, I made the most important decision of my life.  

I went back to the doctors, handed over all my remaining medication and told them, “I’m going to deal with this myself!”

Living alone on a narrow boat at the time enabled me to undertake a very long and arduous healing journey.  I peeled away the layers of pain one at a time for about four solid years.  It was incredibly hard, but the most fulfilling thing I have done. 

Healing releases so much tension.  In fact, it is when we are most stressed that we have our greatest healing opportunities!!! How's that for a paradox?  This was the most intense part of my own healing journey, but I am still at it and well aware that I have plenty of work still to do.  It is a journey that I now enjoy and relish.


Stress and Anxiety

The first thing a hypnotherapist does is help the client relax.  In essence, that’s all hypnosis is – a very deep relaxation.  So it fit very nicely with my interest in stress.  I soon discovered that all my best results were with the clients who listened to the recordings I made for them consistently.

These were the clients whose stress was taken away by the regular use of that recording.  The more I recognised stress to be the main part of their problem, the more I began focusing on the stress itself.  

Honestly, I discovered that if you can take the stress out of a problem, most of the problem would dissolve all by itself.  It’s like magic!

Nor did it matter what the problem was either.  I have worked with people who were having seven or eight panic attacks a day; I have helped with getting rid of bad habits; starting new habits; giving up smoking; weight loss; exam stress; work stress; parental stress; so called, uncontrollable behaviour - you name it, I've helped with it!

No matter what the problem, rapid and successful ​results begin with the removal of the stress.

My switch to Coaching

I found therapy to be a little too stilted for my tastes and so in 2015 I switched to coaching.  I set up Vivid Visualisation, and wrote a book by the same name.  I continued using my guided visualisation recordings but now I coached people to make friends with their subconscious.

​This was a very busy time for me and, guess what?  I got really stressed! ​I was so busy, I just couldn’t cope with anything.  I had forgotten everything I had learnt about stress.  I was so busy trying to save the world, I forgot to save myself!

As soon as I recognised that I was stressed again, I got to work busting it with my own Elite Stress Buster recording. That's the big thing about stress. Recognising it when it's there and being willing to bust it.

John Freeman-Stress Buster

And here we are.  The culmination of a lifetime of struggles, along with all my therapy and coaching experience, all rolled up and ready to save the world - one frazzled person at a time.

​It seems to me that my whole life has been leading me here.  My purpose is to help you deal effectively with your stress.  To help you understand:

  • That when you argue constantly with your loved ones, it's caused by stress!
  • ​When you struggle at work, it's just stress!
  • When your children drive you mad, it's because YOU are stressed!
  • Worry is stress!
  • Feeling lonely is stress!
  • Feeling nervous is stress!
  • Even your health is likely to be your stress!
  • Trying to give up smoking is stress!
  • Trying to lose weight is stress!
  • Trying to make the Law Of Attraction work for you is stress!
  • Trying to become successful is stress! (this one was mine for many years, and success only came when I stopped stressing over it!!!)


​​I struggled throughout a huge amount of my life and I always did it alone.  I always longed for someone with empathy to reach out a hand and help me.

I am now the compassionate, caring and insightful coach that I needed myself.

  • I believe in simplicity and efficiency - why take eight weeks when we can do it in four?
  • I believe in intuition and empathy - I guarantee I will make a powerful connection with you at a time when you need it most.
  • I believe in doing what you say you're going to do - if I say I'll be there for you, I will.
  • I believe in looking after people who need it - once you ask for my help I'll be there for you for as long as you need me.
  • I believe in your ability to get back on top and regain your confidence, cope with anything and start enjoying life again.
  • I believe that looking after those who are struggling is a privilege ​and I am grateful to each and every one of my clients for trusting me with that responsibility.
  • I believe, from the bottom of my heart, that I am the man to help you if you are struggling right now.

If you would like to look at your struggles from a stress busting perspective, ​get in touch using my contact page and if you're a good fit, we can arrange a chat.