12 GREAT Recordings Available NOW!

12 GREAT Recordings Available NOW at an AMAZING Christmas Price....

These twelve guided visualisations represent an amazing body of work. Each recording is unscripted and comes directly from my subconscious to yours!

​Listened to regularly they will have an amazing affect on all areas of your life!​

There are many for adults and even some for children too.  This is your chance to get this wonderful collection at an unbeatable price.  Take a look below and see what you will get.


Gold Dust!

Gold Dust!

Fill yourself up with a sprinkling of Gold Dust. Create feelings of abundance and good fortune as you listen to this wonderful recording at any time of day. This beautiful and peaceful recording will program your subconscious with positive expectation and joy!

11 Minutes long.



Healing is a calm and pleasant guided visualisation created for all those who wish to improve their health and vitality.

Upbeat and joyful music accompanies these powerful words designed to lift your spirits and improve the way you feel overall.

At 15 minutes long, it's longer than my average recording; and especially useful for the long-term illness sufferer.

​Power Sleep

Power Sleep!

Power Sleep! Created to make you feel alive, capable and focused on what you want.

A 10 minute Bed-Time recording guaranteed to get you in touch with your subconscious, lift your spirits and increase your self-belief. This is ​amazingly powerful.  Perfect for all those with a dream or goal they want to achieve.

Created especially to help you sleep at night, this beautiful recording is pure joy to listen to when your day is done.

​Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight

10 minutes long and designed to be listened to at Bed-Time. This will ease you into a peaceful sleep and help create the habit of a good sleep every night.

Reset your subconscious every night as you fall asleep. You will love the feelings of calm relaxation that regular use will bring. Good for adults as well as children.

​Something Loving

Something Loving

You're in bed asleep when a beautiful creature arrives and whisks you off to far away worlds where you will experience a great love at the deepest level.

A beautiful and powerful 10 minute guided visualisation for creating deep and lasting feelings of togetherness, love and compassion which will affect every area of your life.

​The Creator​

The Creator

Wake up your creativity and take charge of your life with this Bed-Time treat.

Listened to every night as you fall asleep this calm and quiet recording will program your subconscious to be more creative and so help you meet your challenges with new feelings of ease and confidence.

As with all of my recordings this one is unscripted, and will help you come up with creative solutions to your problems.



A Bed-Time recording created to help you take feelings of peace and harmony into your sleep with you.

This beautiful 10 minute recording is guaranteed to make you feel peaceful, and program your subconscious with feelings of harmony that will affect every area of your life.

As with all my recordings, this one was unscripted. It will help you build a better relationship with yourself as well as others.

​The Motivator!

The Motivator

Listen to this 10 minute magical recording at any time of day to instill a huge motivating force deep within.

Made with a lively jazz beat, this is definitely like nothing you've ever heard before. Useful for making you actually feel like moving forward in life! Listen daily for a month and be amazed at how your life changes.

​The Warrior

The Warrior!

A powerful recording created to help women of all ages feel invincible.

Listen twice a day to create amazing feelings of resolution, determination and faith. Build your confidence the easy way and move forward towards your dreams with a new self-belief.

Suitable from teens upwards.  

About 10 minutes.


The Wizard​

The Wizard

​A guided visualisation loved by children and adults alike.

Travel up the mountain to meet the wise wizard, ask him any question, and receive the answer. Then receive a meaningful gift and - become the gift.

Comes with complete guidance on getting the best from this beautiful journey. Use with one child or groups. Get feedback from the children and see what they learnt from the exercise.

About 10 minutes.

​Toby and the shirt of the happiest ​man in the world!


Join Toby on his epic search for the shirt belonging to the happiest man in the world. This is a guided visualisation your child will never tire of listening to. Containing a life-enhancing message of truth and happiness, it's sure to lift the spirits of and fortify any child. Listen at Bed-Time with your child and talk openly and honestly about whatever comes up.

​7 minutes.

​Herbert the frightened bunny

Herbert the frightened bunny

​​I actually wrote the script for this recording for a five year old girl who needed to go to the dentist but was very scared to do so.  She listened a few times a day for two weeks.  Over those two weeks she went from petrified of the dentist to quite happy to go and have her treatment.  Like all of my recordings, it works extremely well by connecting to the deepest part of the listener.

11 minutes.


​The Perfect Twin Set!

The Perfect Twin Set!

Make your dreams come true with this powerful twin-set.

Track 1. The Perfect You! Use your imagination to release the amazing you that has been hiding for so long! Build and hold a positive vision of yourself being the person you always dreamed of becoming.

Track 2. The Perfect Day! Use your imagination to build your perfect day. Program your subconscious with your vision of the life of your dreams.

This powerful twin-set engages the power of your subconscious mind to increase your confidence, creativity, inspiration and forward momentum.

Your goals are closer than you think!

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