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Stress Busting Is So Easy!

Whatever is troubling you, whatever you are having to deal with, whatever life is throwing at you, I PROMISE that we can get you back on top again.

Having Panic Attacks?

Are you busy 'coping' with your panic attacks?  Because around here we don't waste time 'coping'.

That's time that could be better spent getting rid of them!

Feeling overwhelmed?

There's no need for you to feel like that any longer.  It's all just the Stress Cycle - and it's easy enough to put the brakes on that.  

Let me help you create a positive cycle!

lots of stressful events lately?

Loved ones dying, loss of employment, moving house, divorce. Singularly each of these is major stressor, but if you have had two or more in recent years, you probably have too much to cope with!

Too much going on right now?

If you are going through a crisis such as a particularly busy time at work, a divorce, a project that has to be finished, an important meeting to prepare for, and you need to be performing at your best. Take the stress out of it first and whatever it is it will become easier to deal with!

The Stress Free Woman

If you're a home working freelancer who wants to reduce your stress so you can easily cope with anything and get on with enjoying life to the full, this is the group for you.

It's a relaxed, helpful and happy group of women who have said no to stress and work every day to balance the stress of being in business so they can be calm, relaxed and in control no matter what.

Effective stress Busting actually gives you the gift of time

You think your busyness is causing you stress, but actually your stress about being busy is robbing you of your creativity, perspective and your joy.  Bust your stress and you will see an easier way of doing things.  You will have a clearer perspective on everything.  You will find it easier to decide on what is important, and what isn't.  As a result, you will create more time for what is important to YOU.

Are you struggling to cope?

I have been helping people get on top of their stress and deal effectively with their problems for twenty years - and I have struggled in the past myself.  Coping is something we all have to to do every day. The worst thing we can do is put on a brave face and act as if we're OK when we're not.

Finding the right coach to hold your hand as you get on top of your stress, and discover hidden strength and resources you never knew you had, is an amazing experience.  


What Others Say


The results I am getting are remarkable...Things just seem to be going my way....I feel more grounded, less attached to the outcomes of things. Lighter.

Theresa Destrebecq
Conflict Resolution Coach


I had the feeling that John knew me and my fears better than I did. It was a deeply transformational experience, encouraging me to overcome my inner demons.

Irina Wendler
/ Career Coach


I have been more focused and motivated from day one. I would not have thought that being a warrior was what I was looking for but you have really resonated with some much needed feelings.

Caroline Webb

Learning and Development

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